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Frequently asked questions section~ If your question isn't answered here check out our complete ordering terms page or send us an email:


When you order from The Pumpkin and the Cauldron online or at one of our public shows, we will do whatever it takes to make our customers satisfied!



 We currently only accept PayPal or U.S.A. Post office money orders as forms of payment.

If you don't have a PayPal account but would like to pay with your debit/credit card, please follow the following instructions to pay with your card through the PayPal site as if you had an account: 


When you are transferred to the PayPal log in screen, look to almost the bottom left side of the page and you will see the option:

Don't have a PayPal Account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available).

Use the 'continue' link and this will allow you to make your payment with your debit/credit card. You will be allowed to make the payment now, still via PayPal, but will bypass having to acquire a PayPal account. Your payment and personal details will be secure.



Mail Order Form: If you prefer to order our products by sending payment through the post office please click the following download and save it to your computer then print it out full size. Please use a Post Office money order for payment because it is a lot safer to send and it is easier for us to determine if it is a counterfeit.   :The Pumpkin and the Cauldron mail order form:

Save our form to your computer and print out as a full page in color or black and white. Be sure to include a way for us to contact you if the need arises and the proper amount to cover shipping charges.

Mail your order and payment to:

The Pumpkin and the Cauldron

506 Kinzer Street

Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Note: This address is for order processing only and is not a public retail store.


Attention all Poplar Bluff area customers! The Pumpkin and the Cauldron is now offering free delivery on all merchandise. We will be doing these free deliveries on all orders of $20.00 or more. Please contact us so we can send you a special invoice and set-up a delivery time!!


We strive to bring you the best value possible with the shipping rate chart below. We will pay for the best available shipping method possible and your items will be professionally packed with care!! If you are ordering a lightweight and higher dollar amount item (such as one of our highly decorated and beautiful pendants) please feel free to contact us before ordering so we can adjust the shipping charge for you! :)

Continental United States shipping rates are as followed:

 (USD) From                 (USD) To                 Shipping Rate (USD)

$ 0.01$ 10.00 $5.00
$ 10.01$ 30.00 $9.00
 $30.01$ 50.00 $12.00
 $50.01 $100.00 $16.00
$ 100.01 and up


All questions about delivery status should be sent to mailto: and we will gladly inform you of the status.


International Shipping: 

The Pumpkin and the Cauldron ships worldwide but international orders need to contact us via E-mail or phone first because the shipping rate will be different! If you pay without contacting us for an invoice with shipping added you will be sent another invoice for the shipping total. We accept PayPal only for international customers.



 We also offer a convenient layaway plan:

Layaway is available for orders over $40.00 before shipping is added.

We will hold the products for you so they will not become sold out if others customers buy up the rest of our remaining stock of the item.

A down payment is required based on the following:
$40 to $200 = 20% down & 60 days
$201 to $500 = 20% down & 90 days
$501 & over = 20% down & 120 days
Your down payment goes toward the purchase of your merchandise.

If you would like to use the layaway plan please email us all the items you would like to put on layaway. We will email to you the total, the amount due as down payment, and the deadline. Then pay us the down payment by paypal and the rest of the total by paypal whenever you want just as long as it is before the deadline. All layaway payments are nonrefundable if you choose to cancel your layaway. Please don't start a layaway plan if you don't think you can follow through! We offer layaway because it is a helpful service but many other stores had to get rid of this service because of all the hassels!



We inspect every item sent out to be of the best quality! All orders must be checked by you within 24 hours of recieving them so that any discrepancies may be addressed. You must email us within seven (7) days of receiving the order explaining the situation. After we communicate, in most situations it will be a requirement that the items are returned to us prior to a refund. Customer assumes all shipping charges for returns. All products must be returned in original unopened packaging and in a resellable condition. We cannot accept returns on any herbs, oils, bath salts, soaps, or any other personal items like such because under law it is a potential health risk to others. Partially used products or opened packages will not be credited unless we have approved the return of the item. If you have accidentally order something please let us know as quickly as possible! No returns after we have shipped the item out if you accidentally ordered the item. We inspect every item sent out to insure maximum quality! We are not responsible for any damage that may occur in the shipping and handling process. We can offer shipping insurance if you so choose to pay for the service. Approved returns are normally processed within 2 days after we receive the package. Due to the always changing prices of the trade market, all returned items will be refunded the price paid by the customer and not the price on our website. If you order then decide you want to cancel it before we send it out there will be a flat rate $5.00 cancellation fee to cover our transaction costs fees. We can not cancel orders after they have been shipped. Customer assumes all shipping charges for returns. Free samples that we sometimes include in orders cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged for another product. Coupons and discounts are not redeemable for cash.

Do you know someone who is interested in learning more about magick? If so, check out the following link for some printable pamphlets or take a look at our recommended links page! Click here!


Thank you to all of our customers! This is why we do what we do! Got a testimonial of your own? Feel free to share your experience with us and why you love shopping at The Pumpkin and the Cauldron!! 

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