The Pumpkin and the Cauldron

Brew up a little magick in your life!

 All herbs are sold in 2 oz. packages unless otherwise stated                                                                                                                    

All herbs for sale at The Pumpkin and the Cauldron are sold for incense, research, educational purposes, or religious ritual use only. No information obtained from The Pumpkin and the Cauldron is meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. It also isn't provided to conduct any illegal activities or to be introduced into the bodily system of any creature. The herbs available have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The Pumpkin and the Cauldron assumes no responsibility or accountability for the use, actions, or choices of our products by the customer.

By ordering herbs from us you are considered using them at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any health related or legal issues that may occur! Please research all herbs fully before using at your own risk.


Most herbs can be purchased in 1 lb. packages at a discount as well. Just email and ask if you would like to purchase in bulk. If there is a herb you are looking for and by chance it is not here please let us know. Thank you and blessed be!



Acai Berry Powder 1/2 oz. $6.50

Acerola Berry Powder 1/2 oz. $5.50



Activated Charcoal Powder 2 oz. $4.95 

Aloe Vera Powder 2 oz. $4.95

Adam and Eve root pair: love, happiness. Carry to attract love or to keep your love strong. $3.95 


Agrimony-protection, sleep, protects against goblins and all negative energies and spirits, protects against poison, breaks hexes and returns to sender $3.95 


Alfalfa: aids in digestion, used for a poultice for boils, treats arthritis, aids in water retention, supplement for anemia and diabetes, stimulates appetite and weight gain, diuretic, aids in lactation, and for PMS. $2.95  


Angel Wings- 1/2 oz. Carry for AngelProtection or give as a gift for Angel Blessings. Great for Angel magick! $1.00  CHECKAVAILABILITY

Angelica- healing, exorcism, protection, visions, call on spirits or ancestors. $4.95 


Anise Star: Star anise is a small tree that grows wild in China. It is a carminative, stimulant, helps stomach to promote digestion and appetite, and to relieve flatulence. Also a good additive to other medicines to improve their taste. protection, purification, youth $3.95  


Apple bark/leaves: immortality, wisdom, longevity, emotional magic, love, use for love poppets, unicorn magic. 1/2 oz. $1.50  

 Arabic Gum Powder: Use to make inks, soothe sore throats and aid the treatment of stomach and intestinal disorders $5.95  

Arabic Gum Resin 1 oz. $1.95

Arnica:Also known as Leopards Bane or Arnica Montana. Can be used as a substitute for wolfsbane but is not wolfsbane! We were sold this for years as wolfsbane, so that's how we know that it can be used as a substitute.  $4.95

Artichoke leaf  2 oz. $3.95

Arrow Root Powder- healing, protection, used by Native Americans to heal poison arrow wounds. $3.95

Asafoetida Powder- Sometimes called the incense of the Devil or Devil's Dung. This odorous gum is burned to force  someone to leave you alone. It is mixed with Black Arts powder to hex an enemy. 1 oz. $3.50 

 Ashwagandha Root Powder $4.95

Astragalus Root- colds, digestive system, bronchitis   $3.95 

Bacopa Monnieri Powder 1oz. $11.50

Balm Gilead Buds:  Carry to protect from a broken heart. Also can be carried for protection against the Evil Eye, curses and hexes.    1/2 oz.$4.00 OUT OF STOCK


Balsam Fir Needles- anti-septic, urinary tract infections,  bronchitis $5.95 

Barberry- helps pain, infections, detox $4.95 

Barley Grass Powder $5.95

Basil: love, exorcism, wealth, flying, protection, good luck, fidelity. Used to soothe tempers between lovers. Use to attract customers to your business. $5.00 

 Bat Excrement: A totem of the shaman, bat teaches us to go into the night of our inner darkness and emerge reborn, reminding us that eyes are but one way of seeing clearly. Bat conveys the messages of Spirit. Oriental traditions considered bats to be good luck, bringers of peace and happiness. This can also be used for Voodoo and hexing. This is traditionally used in potions. 2oz. $4.00  

  Bat's Head Root: wishes, luck. one rare root $2.95

 Bat's Heart Root-good luck when playing games of chance (gambling) one rare root $7.95

Bay leaves (whole) (Bay Laurel): put in right shoe for help in winning a lawsuit, protection, wishes, psychic powers, healing, purification, strength, clairvoyance, wisdom, visions, protects against lightning. burn with sandalwood to remove curses. $3.95  

Bearberry (Uva-Ursi)-good for female disorders, heart, healing, weight loss $3.95  

Bee Pollen- protection, fertility $3.95  

Bergamot $5.95 

Beeswax- for making candles, base for herbal salves, seals, polish and protective finish 1 pound $39.95 

Beeswax beads- Melts easier and easier to work with for salves.  1 oz. $2.95



Benzoin resin- prosperity, bring customers to your business, purification $5.95

Bilberry  Leaf Powder $3.95 1 oz


Birch Bark:  $3.95



Black Salt- remove jinxes/hexes, repel evil spirits, get rid of unwanted neighbors  1 oz. $1.95 


 Bladderwrack- $3.95 

Black Cohash Root Powder: (Black Snake Root): love, courage, protection, potency, menopause 2 oz. $5.95 

Black Haw Bark 1 oz. $2.95

Black Walnut Hulls Powder: Health, Mental Powers, Infertility, Wishes $3.95 

Blessed Thistle- protection, purification ,healing, curing animals, repel lightning $3.95

Bloodroot/Red Root: Prevent violence, especially in the household. 1 oz. $7.95 

Blue Cohosh Root: 1 oz. $3.95

Boldo Leaf $3.95 

Boneset:Protection. Exorcism. $5.00

Bora Flowers (red)- depression, carry with you to bring hope and inspiration to yourself and those around you. 1/2 oz. $2.00

Borage- Great offering for The Morrigan, psychic powers, courage 1 oz $3.95

Brewer's Yeast flower- facial mask potions, heart, nutrition(contains Niacin) $5.95



Buckthorn Bark: $3.95

Buckwheat Hulls- money, protection $2.95

Buchu Leaf Powder 1 oz. $4.95

Bupleurum root   1oz. $5.95


Burdock Root Powder- protection, healing $3.95 

Butcher's Broom 1 oz $3.95 

Calamus root  - luck, healing, money, protection.   $3.95 1 oz.


Calendula- money, business, legal matters $3.95   

Camphor Blocks (synthetic): Uses include killing germs; pain relief; healing skin, lips, nose and burns; prophecy in dreams; purification; physical energy. They flame and are also good for ridding the area of negative spirits. 1 oz. package of 5 blocks. $2.95 

Camu Camu Fruit Powder 1/2 oz. $6.00

 Cape Aloes Powder 1 oz. $3.95

Caraway Seed $3.50 2 oz  

Cardamom Pods- love, lust, carry in a red bag or place under your mattress to empower love and sex. 1 oz. $3.50


Cascara Sagrada Bark $4.95



Catnip-Cat magic, love, beauty, happiness, pet protection spells 1 oz $3.95 

Catuaba Bark Powder 1oz. $2.95

Cat's Claw- rejuvenation, healing, remove jinxes/hexes 1 oz. $2.95  

Cedar- healing, purification, money, protection $2.95  

Centaury 1 oz. $3.95

Chaparrel Leaf- $3.95  

Chamomile(Egyptian)- soothing sedative, gambling, prevent lightning strikes, prosperity, meditation $4.95 

Chaste Tree Berries $3.95


Cherry Bark (wild)- sedative, improves digestion, love, divination  $4.50


Chickweed- nasal congestion, circulatory problems, fidelity, love, carry to maintain a relationship $4.95 

Chicory Root $2.95 



Chlorella Powder 1 oz. $7.50

Cinnamon (cut)- personal protection, burn for Morrigan, healing, female sexual stimulant,  clairvoyance, spiritual vibrations $2.95

Cinnamon Powder- personal protection, burn for Morrigan, healing, female sexual stimulant,  clairvoyance, spiritual vibrations $2.95

Cinnamon Sticks- spirituality, success, healing, power, psychic powers, lust, love, protection 1oz. $3.00   

Cleaver's Herb- relationships, commitment, protection, tenacity $4.25

Cloves- (whole) friendships, banish negative forces, protection, love, money 1 oz. $4.95  

Colt's Foot- visions, love $4.95   


Comfrey-safety during travel, money, protection for pets and familiars $4.95 

Copal- love, purification, used as the heart in poppets $3.95 

Coral Calcium Powder 2 oz. $5.95

 Coriander seed(cilantro): love, health, healing $3.50  

Cramp Bark 1 oz. $3.95

Cranesbill Root 1 oz. $3.95

Damiana- visions, lust, love. Used in wine infusions as an aphrodisiac.$5.95  

Dandelion-divination, wishes, calling spirits $3.95 

Dead Sea Salt $2.95

Deer Antler Velvet Powder: Use as an offering to Cernunnos and other horned Gods, love, fertility 1 oz. $7.95 

Devil's Claw Root Powder: Dispelling Enemies, Protection, Luck, Bringing Back a Lover 1 oz. $3.95 

 DEVIL POD, known as Bat Nut, Goat Head, Bull Nut and Buffalo Nut, is the seed pod of Trapa bicornis, an aquatic Asian plant. This weirdly sculpted botanical oddity looks like a leering goat-horned devil, an enraged bull demon, or a flying bat. It is used on Altars for offerings Eshu-Ellegua-Legba, Hades-Pluto, and Maximon - but in the South, folks have long used the DEVIL POD to Ward Off Evil, and for that purpose they place it above a doorway, facing outward as an apotropaic charm, much as in the manner of a Roman Janus or Tibetan door demon. Some people also tell us that they carry a DEVIL POD in a red flannel bag and anoint it with uncrossing or cast off evil oil when they are surrounded by enemies. Can also be used as offerings for Baphomet or used in Satanic Witchcraft as offerings to Lucifer or demons. Can also be used for hexing. $5.00

Devil's Shoestring- invisibility, protection, gambling luck, wards of evil, power, employment 1 oz. $8.95 


Dittany of Crete: Sacred herb to Diana; feed to the one you love and passionate desire will build up,  manifestations of spirits (the spirits appear in the smoke as it rises), mix with sandalwood, benzoin and vanilla for an astral projection, can also be burned with benzoin, sandalwood, and myrrh for psychic visions to see your future mate. This is a very rare herb and hard to get. It only grows on the island of Crete. 1/2 oz. $7.50   


Dong Quai Root Powder $3.95 1 oz 

Dragon's Blood resin- power, sexual potency, love, protection, exorcism incense 1/2 oz. $5.95   

Dulse Powder 1 oz. $6.50

Echinacea Augustifolia  $3.95

Echinacea Purpurea- colds, relieve pain, strengthen spells, offering to spirits $4.95   

Elder Berries- exorcism, protection, healing, prosperity, sleep, blessings $4.95 

Elder Flowers- calling spirits and deities, exorcism, protects against attackers, repels evil, unhexing, good luck $5.95  

Elecampane: carry to attract love or for protection, burn on charcoal to sharpen psychic powers, especially while scrying.  1 oz $4.00   

Epsom Salts- use as a purge, reduces inflammation. Choose size from button.

Eucalyptus- healing, protection, heart stimulant $3.95   

Eyebright powder- change energy of one's attitude, vision, memory aid, gain visionary experiences $5.95  


 Fairy Wings- 1/2 oz. Carry to attract the Fae, use in offerings for fairy Magick $1.00   OUT OF STOCK


Fennel seed- weight loss, strength, vitality, prevents curses 1 oz. $1.95   

Fenugreek Seed Powder $2.95 

Feverfew- protection, health $3.95  

Five Finger Grass (Cinquefoil)- prophetic dreams, protection, wisdom, success in court cases $7.95  

Flax Seed- protection, banish evil, bring good luck and health 1 oz. $1.95 


Fo-Ti Root  $5.00

Frankincense- purification, exorcism 1.5 oz. $2.95  

Galangal- protection, lust, mental powers, health, money, hex-breaking $2.95 1 oz. 

Garlic- colds, infection, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, healing, exorcism, protection, lust, anti-theft $3.95 

Gaurana Seed 1 oz  $2.95

Ginkgo Leaf- impotence, allergies, vertigo, headache, short term memory loss $4.95  

Ginseng powder (Siberian/Eluetherococcus)- rejuvenation, longevity, sexual potency, anti-depressant, love spells, beauty $3.95 

Ginger Root- love, power, success $3.95  

Glucosamine  Sulphate Powder 1 oz. $3.95 

Goat's Rue $4.95

 Goldenrod- good fortune, love divination, find treasure and lost objects, Mabon herb, money spells $3.95 

Goldenseal 1/2 oz $8.95

Gota Kola Powder $2.95 

Grains of Paradise: (Guinea Peppers, paradise seed): One of the most popular good luck charms. This delivers in a hurry. Carry with you when you need a little extra help. 1 oz. $2.95  

Grapefruit Peel $4.00

Gravel root $2.95 1 oz

Grindelia Tops 1 oz. $3.95 

Guggle Resin Powder 1 oz. $5.95 

Gymnema  Sylvestris Powder $6.50

Hawthorne Berries- fertility, chastity, fishing magick, happiness, protects against lightning, protection from evil spells. $3.95 

Heather flowers/leaves- protection, pet protection bags, rainmaking, luck 1 oz. $6.00  OUT OF STOCK


 Hibiscus- lust, love, divination $3.95  

High John the Conqueror- money, love, success, happiness 1 oz. $8.95  

Holly: protection, luck, anti-lightning, dream magick. 1/2 oz. $2.00  

Honeysuckle: money,psychic powers, protection, good luck, keep by your door to keep fevers at bay from your home. 1/2 oz. $2.00 

Hops petals (Whole) 1 oz.  $3.95 


Horehound- protection, mental powers, healing, exorcism. It is used in gardens to repel insects and snakes. $3.95

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)- a very effective aphrodisiac discovered by a Chinese goat herder who noticed sexual activity in his flock after they ate the weed. $4.95

Horse Chestnut 1 oz. $3.95

Hydrangea root Powder 1 oz. $2.95 

Hyssop- purification, protection $3.95  

Irish Moss- stuffing poppets, luck, gambling, money 1 oz $3.25

Jasmine- calling spirit guides, love, money, prophetic dreams 1 oz $3.95   


Jericho Flower (1 flower)-The rose of Jericho is also known as the Resurrection flower because the plant seems to come to life after dying. Just put it in water and it will come back to life. Change it's water out everyday for a week and then dry again. Love Spells, Waist pain, Purify Blood, anoint your thresholds with it for protection and to cleanse the home. $4.95  

Jezebel Root- Others will be generous to one who carries it. 1oz. $2.95 

 Job's Tears: healing, luck, most spells for them call for 7. Sold in a pack of 7. $2.95

 Juniper berries- diuretic, banishes things injurious to good health, attract healthy energies, protection, anti-theft, love, exorcism $4.95   


Kelp granules- baths, tones, hydrates and heals the skin, travel, protection; especially during sea voyages $2.95 

Kola Nut Powder 1 oz $2.95

Kudzu Root $4.95

Lady's Mantle 1 oz. $2.95 


Lavender- sleep, chastity, protection, love, longevity, purification, peace, happiness 1 oz $3.95 

Lechitin Granules 1 oz $3.95

Lemon Balm (Melissa)- love, healing, success 1 oz. $3.95  

Lemongrass- repel snakes, lust, psychic powers $3.95  

Lemon Peel- repel negativity, exorcism, purification, $5.25  

Lemon Verbena- protection, love spells, excite love, wear to prevent dreaming, adds power to charms, purification 1 oz. $3.95 

Licorice Root- stress, fatigue, allergies, ingredient in herbal abortion, lust, love, fidelity $3.95  

 Life Everlasting Flowers: purification, protection, promote long life, rare herb used alot in Hoodoo. 1/2 oz. $3.50 



Linden Flower: Protection, Immortality, Luck, Love & Sleep.1 oz. $3.95


Low John Root: Also know as Beth Root and Chewing John Assistance in family matters. Hoodoo formulas, calm stomach, win laws favor, protection. 1 oz. $4.95  

Lotus Root: unlocking locks, protection, love, lunar magick 1 oz. $ 3.00 

Lucky Hand Root: This legendary root is truly a remarkable botanical curiosity. It is now very scarce & hard-to-get. It has a reputation for bringing good luck & protecting its owner from all harm. One per package, approx 1" long. $4.95  

Lungwort Leaf $4.95

Lycii Berries(whole) 1 oz. $3.95 


Magnolia: fidelity. 1/2 oz. $1.00 


Magnesium Citrate 1 oz. $2.95


Maple- love, longevity, money $2.50  

Marshmallow Root (Althea)- love, protection, exorcism, bring back lovers $4.95  



Meadowsweet (Queen of the Meadow): pain relief, love, peace, happiness, divination $4.95  

Milk Thistle- menstrual difficulty,  increase breast milk, strength, protection, healing, exorcism, hex breaking 1 oz  $2.95

Mimosa: protection, love, prophetic dreams, purification 1 oz. $2.00 


Mojo wish beans- carry for seven days to make a wish come true- $2.95  1 oz 


Moss-luck, money, stuff poppets. 1/2 oz.$1.50 

Motherwort: Use for fierce protection, like that of a mother. For the protection of a family and peace in the home, in Hoodoo it is brewed into a tea and put in the bath water or when they wash the socks and underwear. You can also keep a packet of motherwort with your family photos for blessing and protection. $3.95 

Mugwort- calling spirits, strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, astral projection $3.95 

 Mulberry bark/leaves: protection from lightning, powerfully protects against evil, strength, will power 1/2 oz. $2.00

Mullein- courage, health, protection, love, divination, exorcism $3.95  

Muira Puama- Increases libido and sexual thoughts, helps those with erectile disfunction, increase in orgasms and climaxes, and provides energy and stamina for love making.  1 oz $4.00

Mustard Seed (brown)- 2 oz. $2.95


Myrrh- protection, healing, exorcism, spirituality 1.6 oz.  $2.95  

Myrtle: love, fertilty, youth, peace, money, keeps love alive and exciting 1/2 oz. $1.50  

Nettles (stinging)- exorcism, healing, protection, lust $3.95 

Nutmeg (whole)- appetite, attract money, luck, physical and magical energy 1 oz $3.95 

Oak: protection, health, money, healing, potency, fertility, luck 1 oz. $1.50  

Oak Moss- gambling, luck, stuffing poppets, calling spirits, money $3.00 1 oz

Oat Straw $4.00


Olive Leaf $2.95

Orange peel- lower cholesterol, anti-cancer agent, immunity to cold and flu, prevent food poisoning, love, divination, luck, money. $3.95  

Oregon Grape Root: 1 oz. $3.20

Orris Root Powder (aka Queen Elizabeth Root ) - love, protection, divination, repel evil spirits. Used by women to attract men by putting powder in their bath water or on their clothing before seeing the man. 1 oz. $4.95 


Pansy (Heartsease): cause rain, love, divination 1/8 oz. $4.00 

Papain Powder 1 oz. $3.95


Patchouli- money, fertility, lust  1 oz. $4.95  

 Patchouli love roots: carry in red flannel bag with rose quartz to keep your love strong. Package of roots $4.95  

Pau d' Arco- kills germs, increase urine flow, relieve pain $4.00

Pecan bark: money, jobs, employment. 1/2 oz. $2.00  

Pennyroyal- ingredient in herbal abortion, repels insects, calms itch, nausea, peace, protection, exorcism, stimulate menses $3.95  

Peony- protection, exorcisms 1/4 oz. $1.00 

Peppermint- purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers $3.95

Periwinkle (Sorceror's Violet): $4.95 

Pine- fertility, healing, protection, money, exorcism $2.00 

Pipsissewa 1 oz. $ 3.95

Plantain Leaf: 1 oz $3.95 

Pleurisy Root 1 oz. $3.95 

Prickly Ash Bark 1 oz. $4.95


Psyllium Seed Whole $3.95

Pomegranate- dried whole fruit used for divination, luck, wishes, increase fertility, beautify skin. Great offering for Hecate, Hera, and Persephone $4.95 each 

Purification spell mix-  Can be used in Charm Bags, Ritual Baths, or burned on charcoal as an incense. 1  oz $2.95 

Quassia Chips $3.95 

Raspberry leaf- kidney infection, child birth, protection, love $3.95 

Red Clover- protection of domestic animals, protection, money, love, fidelity, success, exorcism 1 oz  $3.95 

Rosemary- exorcism, love, lust, mental powers, healing, protection, purification, youth, sleep 1 oz. $1.95 

Rose Hips- calling good spirits, protection, psychic powers, healing, divination, luck $2.95  

Rose petals (pink) $4.95 

Rose Petals (red)- love, protection, psychic powers, healing, divination, luck $3.95

Rue- worn in sachets to ward off illness, drives away hexes and spells put on you, chases away thought of envy and love gone wrong, cleanses houses, grants second sight, great to consecrate magical items for ritual use, especially cast iron cauldrons, use in healing poppets, protection.  1/2 oz. $5.00   

Sage leaf- longevity, wisdom $3.95  (this is  common sage; different from white sage)  

St. John's Wort- health, happiness, protection, strength, love, divination $4.95 

Salt Peter- keep lover from having any other lovers, dissolve in water for removal of hexes. Choose size option from the button.

Sandalwood Powder (red) healing, clairvoyance, protection, exorcism, purification 1 oz. $3.95   

Sandalwood Cut:  $3.95 1 oz 

Sarsparilla Root $4.00

Sassafras- health, money $4.95 

Saw Palmetto Berry- 1 oz. $4.95

Schisandra berries 1 oz $3.95 

Scullcap- love, peace, fidelity $4.95

Sea Salt- protection, purification, use to cleanse crystals, stones and other magical objects,  consecration, magick/ritual. Choose coarse or fine and size from the button. 

Senna- $2.95

Sesame Seeds (black):money, lust, discover hidden treasures, reveal secret passageways, unlock doors. $4.00 

Shavegrass (Horsetail) 1 oz $2.95

Sheep Sorrel- 1 oz. $3.00

Shepherd's Purse $4.00

Slippery Elm-  halt gossip, great for silencing that annoying mother-in-law, soothing 1 oz. $4.95   

Soapwort- 1 oz. $2.95 

Solomon's Seal- aphrodisiac, protection, exorcism 1 oz. $10.95

Spearmint-healing, love, mental powers $2.95  

Spikenard Root 1 oz. $3.95 

Spirulina Powder- aids in cleansing and detox 1 oz. $3.95   

Squaw Vine Powder 1/2 oz. $3.95

Stevia leaf- $4.95  

Stone Root- protection 1 oz. $3.95 

Strawberry Leaf $3.95  

Sulphur (Brimstone)- hexes, repelling evil spirits, protection 1 oz. $2.95 

Suma Powder- 1 oz. $3.95 

 Tansy: health, invisibility, immortality, longevity; keeps evil out of the home. $4.00

Tarragon: compassion, confidence, courage, healing, love, protection, strength 1 oz. $4.95

Thorns (Pack of 3): Used in hexing, can be used in place of coffin nails or voodoo doll pins. $1.00 

Thyme- aphrodisiac, embalming corpses, preserve linen from insects, health, healing, sleep, love, psychic powers, purification, courage $3.95   



Tribulis Terrestris Powder $4.95


Trumpet Vine: 1oz.. Used for overcoming obstacles, strength, courage, quieting your enemies, success.  $5.00

Valerian Root- (vandal root) love, sleep, purification, protection, black magic $4.95  

Vanilla Bean (whole): 1 bean $3.95

Vervain- protection, divination, love spells, consecration $4.95 

Vesta Powder- Some hoodoo practictioners call this smoke powder "Ghost Smoke". Burn for the Goddess Vesta/Hestia, it dispels all negativity, misfortunes, and evil spirits where you burn it. It's like fireworks when you light it! Place on a lit charcoal in a cauldron or other fire proof container or place in a cast iron cauldron and toss a match in and stand back. It produces quite a bit of smoke, so if there are animals or children around or you are sensitive to smoke, have a window or something open. It adds a spark to any ritual! Choose size from button. 

Vetiver- love, hex-breaking, luck, money, anti-theft $8.00   1 oz.

Wheat Grass Powder- prevents tooth decay, neutralizes toxins, money, fertility 1 oz  $2.95

White Oak Bark- $3.95 

White Sage- wisdom, smudging, immortality, psychic powers, longevity, protection, wishes $5.95   

White Willow Bark- put in left shoe to help someone heal from sorrows, love, love divination, protection, healing $2.95  


Wintergreen- 1 oz $2.95   

Witches' Grass- bring happiness, increase luck, exorcism and banishing $3.95 

Witch Hazel-  1 oz. $3.95 

Woad Leaf: used as a dye by the ancient Celts, astringent, protection/warding 1/2 oz. $3.50 Check Availability

Woad Root: used as a dye by the ancient Celts, astringent, protection/warding 1/2 oz. $3.50


Wood Betony-purification, protection, and the expulsion of evil spirits, nightmares, and despair, sacred to the Norse 1 oz $2.95

Woodruff (Master of the Woods)- healing, repel insects, money, victory, protection 1 oz $3.95


 Xanthan Gum Powder $6.00

Yarrow-put in shoes for quick thinking on feet, courage, love, psychic powers, exorcism $3.95  

Yellow Dock Root- eliminate intestinal parasites, reap great benefits, business success/draw customers, draw money, Sacred to the Norse 1 oz $2.95  


 Yerba Santa: 2 oz $4.95 



Yucca Root- protection, transmutation, purification 2 oz. $4.50 






Black Sage Smudge: Choose size from button. 

Blessing Smudge: Choose size from button. 




Blue Sage Smudge: Choose options from the button.  

Cedar, White and Blue Sage Smudge 4" 3 pack $9.95


Ceremonial Smudge: Choose from button. 


California White Sage Smudge Wand. Choose size from button


Cedar Smudge: Choose options from the button. 


Mystic Gold Smudge: This smudge blends sage and frankincense for purification blessings. Choose options from button.  

Sage and Cedar Smudge Wand: 7 inch $7.95 and 5 in. $5.95


 Desert Magic 4" Smudge: It's fragrance draws your heart  to the wind swept, sun blessed deserts of New Mexico.  $3.95

Desert Sage Smudge Wand: 7 in. $7.95  

Harmony Smudge 5-6" $5.95

Healing Smudge. Choose size from button. 

Juniper Smudge 3" $4.95 

Sage and Lavender Smudge Wand: 7 in. $6.95        5 Inch    $4.95

 Sage and Copal Smudge wand:  7 in. $7.95  5 Inch $5.95

Sage and Sweetgrass Smudge bundle:  7 in. $7.95 5 Inch $5.95

Wee Sage Bundle: 4 inch   $2.50  

White Sage Bundle: Choose size and options from the button. 

Smudge Bundle Variety Pack: 3 bundles, each measuring 5 inches long. Will include one each of Sage and Sweetgrass, Sage and Lavender and Sage and Cedar $11.95

Palo Santo Smudge: This is refered to as holy wood and have a sweet, rosy scent. We have powder, chips, resin and wooden smudge sticks available. Choose options from button. 


Prosperity Sage Stick: These all natural smudge sticks have been crafted by the Kumeyaay Indians of Baja California and Mexico, blending ingredients specifically with the intention of helping to bring blessings of prosperity into your life. Choose size for single or 3 pack from the button. 

 Sage and Dragon's Blood Smudge: Choose size and options from the button. 


 Sage Smudge: 5" $4.95

Sage and Pinyon Pine Smudge: 5" $4.95

Pinyon Pine Smudge:  3" $3.95

Love Smudge 8" $7.95

Love and Happiness Smudge Stick: The Kumeyaay Indians of Baja California and Mexico created this blended smudge stick, which is intended to help bring blessings of Love into your life. Choose size from the button. 


 Pine Smudge: Choose size from button.

Lavender Smudge: Choose size from button. 

Dream Spirit Sage Stick: Created by the Kumeyaay Indians of Baja California and Mexico, this smudge stick has been specifically crafted of all natural ingredients to help you find wisdom and guidance from the Dream Spirit. Choose size from button. 


Stargate Smudge: Mingling mountain sage, white sage, rosemaryand sweetgrass, the layered fragrance is perfect for purification, blessings, meditation and astral travel. 4" 3 pack $8.95

 Stargate Smudge 5-6" $5.95

Yerba Santa Smudge with shell: A full 3 by 5" bag of yerba santa smudge with a 3' red abalone shell burner. $2.95

Yerba Santa Smudge Wand: Choose size from button.



Sweetgrass braid: Sweetgrass, though hard to find, has been used in Native American ceremonies for generations. Traditionally used for smudging and purifying ceremonies, it has gained additional use in the rituals of many other traditions. Choose size from button



Kin nic kin nic smudge blend 1 oz: A loose herbal smudge blend often used for cleansing and purification over charcoal or open fire. $13.95

White Sage Smudge with Shell: A full 3x5" bag of loose white sage with a 3" red abalone shell burner. $2.95

White Sage Smudge Kit: Includes everything you need for an altar or ritual smudging. Comes with a small cobra stand, abalone shell, feather and 3" white sage smudge stick. $8.95


 Abalone Shell: These are natural beautiful shells that you use to burn incense or smudge in. A must have for the Shaman. Use sand in the bottom to protect the shell while burning. 5-6" $9.95   

 Small Abalone Shell: Great for cone incense or as a small offering bowl and goes great with the wee sage bundle! Always use sand in the bottom to protect the shell while burning. 2-3" $3.95  

Red Abalone Shell Polished: These small, red-streaked iridescent shells are great for burning cone or resin incense. They also make fantastic receptacles for smudge wands and holders for your crystals and trinkets, and are perfect for decorative purposes on their own. The sizes and markings may vary, as these burners are produced by nature. Around 2 1/2" $3.95

Midea Shell Incense burner: Resembling somewhat the abalone shell traditionally used within ritual smudging practice, this midea shell features a hollow, iridescent interior that forms the perfect basin for burning incense or catching the ashes of your smudge stick. With its outer surface possessing a more coarse, white surface, the interior is smooth and seems polished, offering an easy surface to clean within its gentle, swirling pattern. As a product of nature, each shell will vary in exact size. They will average approximately 4" wide. $8.95




Lion Paw Shell Incense Burner: The Lyropecten nodosus, also known as the Lion`s Paw Scallop, creates the beautiful shell that many of us immediately associate with the "Birth of Venus," the famous painting by Sandro Botticelli which depicts Venus rising from the sea, standing within a shell. With a "fan"-shaped beauty, the natural coloring and texture of the Lion Paw Shell makes a welcome addition to any altar or ritual space. Its shape makes it perfect for use in smudging (resting your burning smudge stick within it), or otherwise serving as an incense burner. As they are natural products, please allow for the exact size and shape to vary, but each shell will measure approximately 5" long and 5" wide.  $6.95


 Holland Brand Charcoal pack of 10: This is a great charcoal! It is quick lighting and long burning. Perfect for burning in a cauldron or incense burner for spells, smudging or incense burning.  $2.95 

Smudging Feather: Gently sweep the smoke of sage or sweetgrass in the traditional way with this beautiful smudging feather. It has a tassled handle formed of brown leather at its base. $23.95

 Barred Wing Smudging Feather: Striped in white and brown colors of woodland fowl, these genuine feathers are perfect for your smudging ritual, allowing you to sweep the smoke of your Sage or Sweetgrass in a more traditional way. If smudging isn`t your thing, sharpen the quill and put it to use as the perfect writing utensil for your spells involving ink and parchment. Each feather is around 11 to 12in length. $4.95


 Peacock Feather Fan: Styles may vary. They are done with black handles now. $17.99 

 Leather wrapped 10" smudge feather $10.95



 Peacock feather with eye: 10-12 inches. $3.99

Prayer Stick: Legend says to say a prayer and put stick in ground. The wind will carry the prayers on the feathers to the birds and the birds will take the prayers to the spirit world.    Each prayer stick is handcrafted.With or without the original bark. 8 feathers are tied on the stick with glass beads. Some have a spirit bead which is one bead of a different color that attracts the spirits. Size 12 inches high.  Apartment dwellers can put the prayer stick in a pot with soil and sit out on their balcony or deck if they have no yard.  $12.00 Styles and Colors Vary