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All herbs for sale at The Pumpkin and the Cauldron are sold for incense, research, educational purposes, or religious ritual use only. No information obtained from The Pumpkin and the Cauldron is meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. It also isn't provided to conduct any illegal activities or to be introduced into the bodily system of any creature. The herbs available have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The Pumpkin and the Cauldron assumes no responsibility or accountability for the use, actions, or choices of our products by the customer.

By ordering herbs from us you are considered using them at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any health related or legal issues that may occur! Please research all herbs fully before using at your own risk. 



 Abrus Seeds (Lady Bug Bean, Crab's Eye, Rosary Bean): These vivid black and red beans are great offerings to Papa Legba(Eshu) and probably for any deity that is related to the colors red and black. They are carried for good luck and used to make amulets. VERY POISONOUS! You will receive 7 beans. $2.00

Aconite: True Wolfsbane or Monkshood. Used for protection, necromancy, invisibility, astral projection, divination, and for offeerings to underworld deities. This is untreated and DEADLY POISON! Handle with care and keep far away from pets and children. 1/2 oz. $5.50

Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia): This highly poisonous plant is in the Datura family. Used for communicating with the dead, to gain knowledge of the darker occultic arts, visions, astral travel, divination. 1/4 oz. $7.00

Belladonna (Atropa/Deadly Nightshade): Ingredient in flying ointment,  divination/visions, beauty, astral projection, hexing, and offerings to Crone Goddesses such as Morrigan and the Roman Goddess of War; Bellona. 1/2 oz. $5.50 

Black Nightshade: clairvoyance, hex-breaking, love 1/2 oz. $7.50 Poison 

Buckeyes- (whole) divination, carry to attract money, arthritis, luck(poison) $3.95  1 oz 

Catalpa beans -Native American shamanism, astral travel, dreams. The Cherokee and Catawba Indians smoked the bean pods as cigars for relaxing effects. 1/2 oz. $2.00  

Datura stramonium: (Jimson Weed, Devil's Trumpet) POISON! Used in zombification, hexing, visionary trances, clairvoyance, retrieve lost objects, used to divine the source of illnesses and misfortune, scrying, divination  1/2 oz. $7.00

Devil's Trumpet:Datura Innoxia: Divination, baneful and hex work, wisdom, strength, enhanced psychic and magical gifts, shapeshifting. 1/8 oz $7.00 

Foxglove: POISON, do not ingest or burn.  Great for faery magic, protection, especially for the home. 1/4 oz. $5.00

Heliotrope: exorcism, prophetic dreams, healing, wealth, invisibility 1/4 oz. $6.00   

Henbane: POISON  Was an ingredient in Flying Ointment and is used to attract love, increase psychic awareness, dispel negativity, induce lust, if burned in Samhain, it attracts spirits and is used in necromancy. It can also be used to call up storms and to hex an enemy. 1/4 oz. $5.50   

Lily of the Valley:divination, summoning, ceremonial magick 1 oz $2.95 

Poison Hemlock-astral projection, ingredient in flying ointment, hexing, destroy sex drives, empowering   $4.00 1/2 oz.  

Lobelia- powerful relaxant, migraines, tobacco deterrent, halting storms, love 1 oz. $3.95  

Maca Root Powder $4.95 2 oz 

Mandrake (European; Mandragora Officinarum)- protection, fertility, money, love, health. This is the real deal. Almost all of the mandrake that you come across in shops and online is American Mandrake which is May Apple Roots. 25 gram piece (only 2 available)  $90.00   

May Apple Root: (American Mandrake) Carry to draw love. 1 oz.$3.95  

Mistletoe- protection, love, hunting, fertility, health, exorcism (poison)$3.95  2 oz

Morning Glory: Can be flowers, leaves, and/or seed pods: happiness, peace, protection, stop nightmares 1/2 oz. $1.75 CHECK AVAILABILITY


Oleander:  1/4 oz.   This is one of the most poisonous plants in existence. Use to attract love, bring good luck, dispel shame, dispel negativity,  $5.00

Osha Root- healing, cause rain 1/2 oz. $10.00

Poke Root or foliage/berries- POISON- do not ingest. courage, hex-breaking, find lost objects. 1 oz $3.95 

Toadstool: Poisonous Mushroom used for rain magick and fairy magick. 1 toadstool $4.00 

Tonka Beans- wishes, love, money, courage 1/2 oz. $10.00 (poison) 

Wormwood-calling spirits, psychic powers, protection, love. Main ingredient used in the beverage Absinthe! One would take 30 to 40 grams of wormwood and add to pernode, everclear, or vodka and let it sit for 8 days. Then flavor the brew with various herbs because wormwood is bitter and enjoy! $3.95 2 oz 

Yerba Mate: fidelity, love, lust  Yerba maté doesn't upset the stomach like coffee and people like the effects more because they dont get the jitters or crash from it. An excellent metabolism booster for all those dieters out there! 1 oz $3.00

Yo him be powder: 2 oz $5.95 




Collect some of the herbal tools Shaman's around the world used to perform various spiritual tasks. They believed certain sacred plants could expand their consciousness and allow access to other unseen realities. A place where you can obtain years of knowledge in just minutes and use that info for healing and spiritual purposes. We offer these items to you for scientific research or as herbarium specimens in order to preserve the shaman's history behind them and are not for human consumption! All information is provided to provide the historic and modern usage information and thats to give to the complete story behind the product. Again, do not attempt to use or alter these items for ingestion purposes. You need to research these items carefully to see if they are legal where you live. Upon purchase, the customers declares this product is in compliance with their local laws and accepts responsibility for any action that may be taken by their local customs or law authorities. If you use these items for anything but scientific research or  for a herbarium collection then you agree you are buying them at your own risk and understand that we accept no responsibility if any health or legal related issues may occur. Altering some of these specimens from their natural form will make them an illegal substance. We are not liable for any legal actions that may occur if you do so! You must be 18 years of age to order! Please refer to the disclaimer on the top of this page or in our ordering conditions page if you have any more questions. Store these items in a cool, dry, dark place in your home away from all children and animals!!!



Amanita Muscaria from Washington!! - also called the Fly Agaric mushroom. It's very hard to find good Amanitas online that are from Washington state!!! A wonderful addition to your holiday decorations or potpourri mixes! Amanitas are valued by Shamans as an alternate method of achieving a trance (dreamlike) state because of their dissociative effects. Shamans also use the Amanitas in dream magick and stated that one may experience out-of-body experiences, seeing and communicating with preternatural entities, unity with the object of ones attention, ESP, feelings of flying and many differing types of ecstasy! Amanitas are known to amplify your mood ~ i.e. having extreme joy or viking berserker. Many of the shamans would brew a tea by gently boiling 14 to 30 grams of finely powdered Amanitas. They would heat slowly to about 190 degrees and being sure not boil the brew. They would steep it like tea keeping it at 190 degress for at least one-half hour. They would consume solids and all. Modern users usually fast before taking Amanitas. For example: carbonated beverages will convert Muscimol ( The important chemical in Amanitas) back into Ibotenic Acid because of the presence of carbonated water thus making the mushrooms non effective and actually causing unpleasant side effects! From one-half hour to one and one-half hours after consumption of the tea they would note a feeling of nausea and drowsiness. The important key was to relax and go with the trip and sleep. Upon waking the nausea has dissapeared and they would begin their rituals. Because of the unpleasant side effects most non shamans would us Amanitas as a tonic. The tonic is claimed to cheer one up, give an energy boost, and provide a nice warm feeling on those cold winter days. The tonic dose is 2 to 4 tablespoons a meal and not over 3 doses a day. Some would peel the red skin off dried amanitas and mix with herbs to make a shamanic smoke blend!

To our knowledge they are legal in all US states but Louisiana unless they are for decorative purposes.  Legal worldwide except in Romania and Australia. As with any of our herbs you must look up and see if they are legal to possess in your area of residence!  Prices are as follows.

1/2 oz $25

1 oz $45

1/4 lb $140

1/2 lb $240

1 lb $400 



Anadenanthera Colubrina aka Vilca/Cebil- These beans were used by Wichi shamans and even the Incans. These seeds make interesting beads for necklaces. The South American shamans would make a powerful spiritual snuff by using the A. Colubrina seeds. The Shaman would take the seeds and toast them to break and remove the bean's husk. The beans were then ground into a powder. 1/2 g. to 1 gram is a sufficient amount for a visionary dosage. It is also noted that Vilca/Cebil was found to have been crushed and smoked on top of shamanic herbal smoking mixtures. These are sometimes out of stock for a few weeks because of their rarity!! Sold as a curio only and not to be consumed. Pack of 20 $11.50



Blue lotus flower petals (Nymphaea Caerulea)-  Egyptian priests said that lotus brings on a "divine" essence with heightened awareness and tranquility. Many make relaxing tea or smoke blends from the blue lotus plant. Many say that Blue lotus offers a very comfortable dreaming feeling with the feelings of warmth around the body. Blue lotus flowers are also used to make various concoctions with wine and martinis. Recipes for such drinks involve soaking 1/8 to 1/4 oz. of the petals in sulfite free wine, liquor, or juice for anywhere between 24 hours and a few weeks. Blue Lotus Vodka can be made by adding 1 to 5 oz. of lotus into a bottle of vodka and then storing it for a few weeks. Blue lotus tea is prepared by gently boiling five to twenty grams for 10–20 minutes then adding some lemon and honey. Blue Lotus can also be smoked by itself or used to enhance any smoking blend! Banned in Russia. 

$7.99 for a big 1/2 oz. bag of this beautiful and hard to find herb!! You can make a bunch of smoke blends with this product!!!






Calea Zacatechichi (Dream Herb)- This herb would help shamans achieve lucid dreaming and increased dream recall. The Chontal medicine men, who assert that this plant is capable of "clarifying the senses"  and causing euphoria, calling it thle-pela-kano, meaning "leaf of God". Calea herb can be smoked or imbibed as a tea. A shamanic tea dose consists of 25-40 grams of plant material (foliage and stems). After taking the 'Calea infusion', the Chontal Indians usually smoke a cigarette of dried Calea leaves. This tea is extremely bitter so be prepared! Try to go to sleep asap because the effects of calea are not  super apparent to the user until they fall asleep.  Banned in Poland.

$20.00 for a 1 oz. package



California Orange Poppy (Eschscholzia Californica)- The Native Americans used this plant as a sedative and relaxant by smoking or brewing it's leaves or making a tea out of the crushed seeds and/or plant materials. This plant is the official flower of California. It is drought-tolerant, self-seeding, and easy to grow in gardens. These seeds can be used to cook with. 

You will get 1 oz. of seeds for only $20.00! That's over 17,000 seeds! An easy to grow plant that will seed itself!! A very popular pain reliever!


California Poppy Foilage- Get 1 oz. of this awesome plants leaves for only $14.99!! A nice relaxing tea for insomniacs! 


Empty Gel Caps: These are empty oo sized gel caps which can be used with any ingestible herbs - like ginseng, garlic, kratom, Phenibut, etc. Gel caps make convenient, easy to take pills out of whatever herbs or powders you wish! Save money today and make your own capsules! Each capsule holds 500 mg. Available in a 50 pack $2.95 and 1000 pack $26.95. 



Green Zen Powder (krat)-100% organic powdered red veined leaf from Bali!! Shamans would use this product to mainly alleviate muscle aches but also found it decreases anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure and sugar levels, reduces food cravings, increases sexual performance and pleasure, and help treat  numerous addictions in his people. Many workers would use it to decrease tiredness and improve their level of concentration. They also report feeling more relaxed, increased energy without the jitters like caffine does, and increasing their overall happiness! Historically the shaman would make a tea by taking the powdered leaves ( 5 to 7.5 g. for desired results ) and gently boiling it in 2 cups of water with a dash of lemon juice for 10 to 15 minutes, drain, keep the tea and reboil the leaves a second time. Then they would enjoy the tea as is or continue boiling down to an extract form. They would flavor the tea with a little sugar or honey. This tea can be stored in the fridge for a few days or mixed with vodka to prolonge it's storage capabilities. Today, most people put the powder in capsules to consume quickly when on the go. This way is almost as effective as brewing the tea. The effects can take anywhere from 20 mins to an hour to be noticable and then last for a few hours. We also offer empty oo sized capsules for sale which hold around 1/2 gram each. Green Zen is illegal in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, and the U.S. state of Indiana.  A Doctor's prescription is needed in Finland, Denmark, Romania, Germany, and New Zealand. Get a 1/4 oz. of this amazing product for only $3.99, or a 1/2 oz for $5.99, or our best priced 1 oz. for $10.99!!!!  





Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia Nervosa)- The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a perennial climbing vine. It has large heart-shaped leaves and white trumpet-shaped flowers. While its cousin in the Convolvulaceae family, such as the the Heavenly blue morning glory, were used in shamanic rituals of Latin America for centuries, the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose was not traditionally recognized as a hallucinogen. Modern day medicine men would ingest 4-7 of these potent seeds to attain a higher consciousness and speak with the spirits. They also noted a positive mood lift, feelings of insight, increase in sensual appreciation, feeling engaged with the world, and noticed that colors and the hearing ability is magnified! Many notice a reduced appetite and ability to sleep while on the effects. The root of the plant is used as an aphrodisiac and to increase intelligence. Effects take around an hour to start. These seeds are not sold for human consumption because they would then be considered an illegal substance because of their LSA content. Like the morning glories seeds below,  these seeds are legal to possess and grow but not to consume!! Banned in Australia, Italy, Poland, and Russia because people would put the seeds in a plastic bag and crush them with a hammer and either put in gel caps, use sublingually, or through a water/wine extraction method. We only offer these seeds to those wishing to grow them and if you do other things with them you do so at your own risk!

We have the actual Hawaiian island strain (Rumored to be a stronger plant) for: 7 "Hawaiian strain" Baby Woodrose seeds for $5.00,  50 seeds for $35.00 or 100 seeds for $62.00. 




Heavenly Blue Morning Glory (Ipomoea Tricolor)- Very similar to the Woodrose plant but grow with relative ease and produce seeds the first year! They make nice blue flowers that open in the morning hours of the day. Hummingbirds love them! Plants seed in the first year and make a lot of seeds that usually seed themselves for next year. Aztecs and natives in Mexico's Oaxaca region believe that a deity lives within the seeds and they used either the seeds or the flowers from the plants ritualistically. They also noted a positive mood lift, feelings of insight, increase in sensual appreciation, feeling engaged with the world, and eye visuals.  Like the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, these seeds contain an illegal psychedelic/hypnotic called LSA and are sold for growing or crafting purposes only! Illegal to grow in Arizona. Illegal in Italy and Illegal to import to Australia.

Buy 1 oz. (over 700 untreated seeds) of these seeds for only $7.98! Super easy to grow and will seed itself for the next year!!


Illinois Bundle Flower (Desmanthus Illinoensis)- Shaman's of the Midwest used the roots of this plant for visions. This plant is loved by wildlife because of it's high protein content. It is frost tolerant and makes a very interesting looking seed pod. It is also beneficial in that it releases nitrogen-fixing bacteria into the soil as part of a symbiotic relationship that can benefit surrounding plants as well. It's root bark contains a psychedelic called DMT but it is a controlled substance in America. We are selling these seeds for growing in your gardens for visual effect or for wildlife food only!

You will 100 seeds for only $6.98    



Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum)- Fermented Smoker's Cut- Sceletium is a very effective appetite suppressant and mood enhancer. Kanna is used to manage mild to moderate depression because it is an empathogen type herb which will make one more relaxed and sociable. Higher doses will decrease anxiety, stress and tension and cause euphoria. Others have noted enhanced tactile and sexual response, as well as vivid dream inducing properties. No adverse effects have been documented. Kanna is considered a potentiator (enhancer of effects) for other herbal material. Sceletium offers relief from the stress and mental fatigue of modern industrial living, Sceletium has been used as a natural supplement in:

• Low mood, including grey weather syndrome

• Anxiety states, including social phobia

• Irritability in menopause

• Improvement in libido, when lack of libido is from anxiety or low mood

• Post-traumatic stress disorder, as part of a support program

Kanna is believed to act as a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) like Prozac. Never use in combination with psychiatric medications including SSRIs (such as Prozac) and MAO Inhibitors. If you are currently or have recently taken anti depressants you should not mix this product with them! This amazing herb is first fermented then is either chewed, brewed into a tea, or smoked. Legal everywhere but Louisiana. Smoker's cut and powder available.  Powder: 7 gram $13, 14 gram $25 or 28 gram $45 . Cut: 7 gram $13, 14 gram $25 or 28 gram $45




Kava Kava Root / Piper Methysticum (powdered)- This is the natural form of kava not the extract form. Kava is used on the Hawaiian islands to provide relaxation without disrupting mental clarity or causing drowsiness. Excellent for capsuling and making natural anti-depression/anxiety pills. Hawaiians make a potent tea from Kava which causes intoxication. Generally one tablespoon of powder is added per cup of water, but sometimes as much as a half a cup of powder (eight tablespoons) is added per cup of water to increase potency. The powder is soaked in gently boiling water for approximately 30 minutes to allow the water to completely soak through the powdered fibers. Some also make kava into a powerful tincture. Do not operate machines while using! Cannot import Kava into Australia. Banned in Britain, Netherlands, and possibly Germany. We also sell on our tea page empty gelatin capsules to put the powder in for easy consumption! Many who use this product frequently noticed the more you take over time the better it gets as levels build up in their bodies! Magical uses are visions, protection and  luck. Do not operate machines while using! 1 oz. $4.95 



Klip Dagga (Leonotis Nepetifolia)- Wild Dagga - We have the flowers of the wild Dagga plant and the leaves of the Klip Dagga plant for sale. Both are effective at causing euphoria but the Klip Dagga contains more Leonurine. The flowers do have a better taste and are a must have for those who love herbal smokes! Also can be used as a potentiator for other herbs and smokes. Only $6.50 for a 1/2 oz. of Klip Dagga leaves, $16.99 for a 1/2 oz. of Klip Dagga flowers or $30.00 for  1 oz. of the Wild Dagga flowers! You can make a bunch of smoke blends with this product!!!



Passion Flower leaves (Passiflora Incarnata)- Passion flower leaves have been smoked and brewed into teas by shamans to treat insomnia and anxiety with it's tranquilizing properties. One shaman would need 10 to 20 grams for one dose. Passion flowers have been found to anti-depressant properties. The leaves and the roots of this plant are the most potent and have been used by shamans to enhance the effects of their entheogens. Some medicines and food/drink are not safe to take with passion flower because of it's content of MAOI's! Not sold for human consumption.  Magical properties are peace, sleep and friendship.  $3.95 2 oz 


Papaver Somniferum seeds- Shamans for thousands of years have used poppy seeds for food, medicinal Opium, and ornamental purposes. Shaman's would use the seeds and pods in tea the same way they used the California poppy seeds. Poppy seeds are considered to be an excellent source of vital minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc. Cooking with the seeds is not illegal but growing and harvesting the latex is!

$13.00 for 1 seed pack of your choice! Choose one of the following: Persian blue, Danish Flag, Red Poppy, Hens and Chicks, Double Flower Mixed or the Giganteum strain poppy.

Each Poppy Seed pack contains 1-2 grams of seed.
That's about 1,000 to 2,000 seeds




San Pedro Cactus (Trichocereus Pachanoi)- You will get (2) 12 inch cuttings of this fast-growing columnar cactus is widley collected as an ornamental and landscaping cactus. This sacred easy-to-grow, ornamental, columnar cactus is popular for a variety of reasons. A common landscaping cactus, pachanoi is also tolerant of a wide variety of conditions and can handle more water and fertilization than most cacti, making it a good species for beginners. Frost hardy to about 26 degrees Fahrenheit, these cacti can be raised outdoors all year in Zone 9 or warmer. Otherwise, it should be kept in medium to large pots that can be moved inside during the winter months. Plants can be watered frequently during the summer months, sometimes as often as every two days if the top inch or two of the soil is dry. During the winter, they should be slowly acclimated to cool, dry, dark conditions to avoid stretching that could damage the structural integrity of the plant. When breaking dormancy in the spring, a reverse process of slowly introducing the factors necessary for growth may be beneficial for the same reason. For optimal skin color, T. pachanoi should be kept in partial rather than full sun and the soil should be well-draining and rich in organic nutrients and minerals. Its blooms are large, white and have a strong, pleasant perfume. It’s also famous because this cactus from Peru and Ecuador was used ritualistically in ceremonies similar to those associated with the ritualistic use of Peyote. The natives of these countries prepared this cacti as a drink that they knew as Chimora. They would slice one 12 inch section (1 dose) of the cacti like a cucumber into little cubed sections. Then mixed equal parts of cacti to water and mash to a blended consistency and added that to a cooking pot. Cooked slowly and stirred so it will separate then come back together to a pasty consistency. Then lightly simmered for 2 to 4 hours until it forms a goo like consistency. Then they took the goo and put into cloth and tied the top and hung over a bowl to allow it to drip the juice “Chimora” from the goo. Then they would take the Chimora and it would onset in a few hours and last for 5-6 hours. 

 $39.99 for one 11-13 inch cuttings of this sacred cacti that can be grown in your own garden or home!!





Syrian Rue seeds (Peganum Harmala)- considered sacred throughout the Middle East and Parts of Asia for centuries. Syrian Rue Seeds are an MAO inhibitor so many shaman used them in their spiritual brews. 2-8 grams of the seeds were prepared as a tea and consumed. Syrian Rue seeds as any of our Shamanic herbs are not sold for human consumption! These are MAOI and are not safe to combine with certain medications or food/drink.

$5.00 for a 1/2 oz. of organic, untreated seeds.


White Bliss Phenibut (99% pure powder Phenibut supplement)- Called "legal Xanax" by many this phenibut powder in low doses reduces anxiety and in higher doses will help you get a full night sleep. Also used to help with those suffering from depression and post traumatic stress disorder. Provides the person with extreme calmness, enhancing their motivation, and gives them the desire to be more social with others. Reputed to improve recovery time after a work-out, increase in energy, and is a "mind enhancer" (makes you think faster and sharper with improved memory retention). A 100% legal supplement in all US states!!! Commonly used doses are 1 gram up to 2 grams. Effects come on around an hour, wait 2 hours and redose if needed. No more than 4 grams a day is recommended. For a sleeping aid commonly used doses are around 2 grams an hour before bed. Commonly used dosage schedule is 2-3 days on and then take 3 days off because it slowly leaves the bodily system and the effects are felt the mornings after because the body stores it. Do not mix with alcohol because the effects will be amplified. Buy a 5 $5.00 , 10 $9.00, or 25 grams $20 of this 99% pure White Bliss brand Phenibut today! 



 Wild lettuce (Opium Lettuce/ Lactuca Virosa)- Wild Lettuce (Latuca virosa) also known as Bitter Lettuce or Opium Lettuce. Wild Lettuce contains lactucopicrin and lactucin to which it's sedative affects are attributed. Wild lettuce teas and tinctures are used to induce sleep. Wild Lettuce is included in some herbal mixtures used to threat arthritic pain. The Native Americans used Lactuca Virosa as a mild relaxant and pain reliever. Though not anywhere near as powerful as Opium, the whole plant is rich in a milky juice which contains opiate-like alkaloids. One can smoke the herb as it is or soak the wild lettuce for one night in a liquor (10 grams for 300 ml) to make a night time drink with an extra kick. It is also popularly used in sleepy teas and capsules. A must have for insomniacs! 1 oz. $3.95



Shamans would partake of different smoke blends and incenses to help prepare their minds for certain magickal tasks. These products are perfect for achieving those Shamanic states of mind for magickal/ritual use. So why go out and buy your smoke when you can have it shipped directly and discretely to your doorstep? Add a unique kick to your regular smoke mix today! All types of smoke blends and incenses offered by The Pumpkin and the Cauldron are composed of 100% natural herbs and are DEA compliant (no synthetics)!!! Note: We no longer sell any synthetic blends due to the National ban. Try one of our all natural blue lotus blends listed below or try our Green Zen/White Bliss party powders. You definitely will not be disappointed and they are completely legal in most areas!!!!


Blue lotus herbal smoking blend/ Peace Pipe Blend- Tell your stress and anxiety to go away with our premium blue lotus smoking blend! This is our original blend and the only one with Lobelia! You will get a huge 1/2 ounce bag of mixed herbs which are 100% organic and have no added chemicals or synthetics to them. This blend contains: Blue Lotus Petals & Stamens, Scullcap leaf, Lobelia, and Peppermint leaf. Have stress or anxiety? Tired of smoking cigarettes with all the cancer causing additives? Then why not try an effective blend that is all natural? This is a soothing smoke to help to support/relax nerves, reduce tension/anxiety, and help with sleeplessness!! - Only $7.00 for a big 1/2 oz. bag!! 

 Blue lotus/ Smoker's cut Kanna/ Happy Hippy Blend- Tell your stress and anxiety to go away with our premium blue lotus smoking blend with the added relaxing effects of Kanna! You will get a huge 1/2 ounce bag of mixed herbs which are 100% organic and have no added chemicals or synthetics to them. This blend contains: Blue Lotus Petals & Stamens, Kanna, Damiana, and Peppermint leaf. Have stress or anxiety? Tired of smoking cigarettes with all the cancer causing additives? Then why not try an effective blend that is all natural? This is a soothing smoke to help to support/relax nerves, reduce tension/anxiety, and help with sleeplessness!! - Only $10.99 for a big 1/2 oz. bag!! 



Blue Lotus/ Wild Dagga Flower/ Reggae Relax Blend- Tell your stress and anxiety to go away with our premium blue lotus smoking blend with the soothing added effect of Wild Dagga flowers! This is our most popular blend!! You will get a huge 1/2 ounce bag of mixed herbs which are 100% organic and have no added chemicals or synthetics to them. This blend contains: Blue Lotus Petals & Stamens, Wild Dagga Flowers, Damiana, and Peppermint leaf. Have stress or anxiety? Tired of smoking cigarettes with all the cancer causing additives? Then why not try an effective blend that is all natural? This is a soothing smoke to help to support/relax nerves, reduce tension/anxiety, and help with sleeplessness!! - Only $10.99 for a big 1/2 oz. bag!! 



Blue Lotus smokers mixed lot- Tell your stress and anxiety to go away with our premium blue lotus smoking blends! Don't know which one to choose? Then try the mixed lot out! You will get a trial size (3 g.) of each of the three types of Blue Lotus smokes we offer: The original Blue Lotus, Blue Lotus/Kanna, and the Blue Lotus/Wild Dagga. These are all mixed herbs which are 100% organic and have no added chemicals or synthetics to them. Have stress or anxiety? Tired of smoking cigarettes with all the cancer causing additives? Then why not try an effective blend that is all natural? This is a soothing smoke to help to support/relax nerves, reduce tension/anxiety, and help with sleeplessness!! - Only $9.99 for a 3 g. sample of each of the three!! 



Four Winds Smoke Blend: Based on a Native American recipe, this non-tobacco ritual blend consists of three separate herbs, each known for their ability to aid in transformative or visionary work. The Four Winds Herbal Blend consists of: Coltsfoot (wisdom, relaxation, visions, and animal magic) Mullein (courage, exorcism, nightmare protection) and Mugwort (strength, psychic power, healing, astral travel, and protection) These herbs are also good for clearing the respiratory system and purifying the body.  No where near as strong as the Lotus blends but a good strong smoke for ritual purposes!! 1 oz $3.95