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          Candles for Samhain night or whenever you are feelin' witchy!!!

All of our image candles are available scented. If you would like a scented one that doesn't have the option, just message us. We also have a scent list available. 

Handmade Samhain Beeswax taper candles. These are available scented or unscented. The scented ones are made with The Pumpkin and the Cauldron's own signature blend of Samhain oil. Our scent is enchanted with scents of cinnamon, pumpkin, clove, witches' brew, candy and more. Choose from the options on the add to cart button. 



 Jack O' Lantern Candle: This is a large size pumpkin candle. They weigh 2 lbs and measure 5.5 inches tall. Available scented or unscented. You can request a specific scent or it comes in  punkin head scent. Choose from the button.  


Pumpkin Image Candles: Choose from the button.

Unscented $3.00

Pumpkin Scented or Custom Scent: $5.00



Cauldron Image Candles: Choose from the button. 

Unscented $5.00  

Scented: $8.00


Witch's Brew Overflowing Cauldron Candle: These bewitching candles are made with palm wax so they have a mottled real cauldron look and they even have a wax bat affixed to the outside! Scented with Witch's Brew. $10.99


See the Unseen Owl Candle  This bewitching candle not only makes a great Halloween candle or addition to your Samhain altar, but he also has a spellworking purpose. This candle is blessed to allow you to see the unseen. You can use it as a tool to find out things that are being kept from you and to find out if you are being deceived. Also works great for receiving wisdom and expanding your psychic power. Available scented and unscented. Scented with "Devil's Night" 

Scented $16.99   Unscented $12.99  


Egyptian Black Cat:  Goddess Bast. Temple Guardian. A protector of all she surveys and guide to the mysteries. Black 8" Candle. Also used for good luck! If you would like this candle in another color, just email me and I will be happy to make you one in that color! Available scented as well in Egyptian Musk. 



Ritual Skull Candle: Standing 5 " high and 3" wide at its widest point, this black, skull-shaped candle offers a wide variety of uses in spells and rituals. With purposes ranging from reverence of ancestors to seeking out the spirit world, it is perfect for whatever ritual purpose you might wish to use it for.  Available in any color. $8.95


Life Size Skull Candle: This candle is huge! It is a wonderful addition to the Samhain altar as a representation of the dead as well as an offering to the Spirits. Available in all colors.  Other colors are possible and if you would like a color that you do not see listed, just email us and we will make it happen. $26.95 or scented for $34.95. 


Feed the Dead Life Size Skull Candle: This is a very powerful and special candle created with the life size skull candle. This candle is enchanted with ingredients and power to feed the dead. It can be used at Samhain to lend energy to spirits for easier communication and as an offering. It can also be used throughout the year to give energy to the dead for communication with you and to allow them extra energy to stay around until Samhain. This is especially useful when a loved one has passed and you want to give them power to be able to stay at least until Samhain. It contains herbs and oils enchanted for this purpose as well as a quartz crystal. $45.00


Mini 2 oz. Feed The Dead Skull Candle: These are exactly like the ones above, only in a mini version! They are perfect for small spirit offerings and rituals where you don't really need the huge one. $5.00 


Mini skull candle: These mini 2 inch skull candles are great just as a novelty candle or to do spellwork with. $3.00


Raven: Messenger to the Spirit World Image Candle: Burn this candle to communicate with loved ones on Samhain and even throughout the year. There is a cavity in the bottom of the candle to place a message in. Burn the candle to send the message. Available scented as well.


Gargoyle Protector Image candle: Perfect for your Halloween decorating as well as protective magick during the Samhain season and throughout the year. This is a large candle.    



Large Pentacle Candle: This is a huge candle that takes 1.5 lbs. of wax to create! These are great to add extra power to your candle magick. Available in a wide variety of colors and can have extra embellishments added such as glitter or painted pentacle. Available scented as well. In the notes on your order just specify any special things you would like done or a specific scent. 



 Horned God Image Candle: 8 inches tall This is a great candle to use to represent Cernunnos, Pan, Herne, Satan or any horned God. Burn to call on the assistance of the Horned God. Available scented as well.


 Grim Reaper/ Saint Muerte: Use in hexing to help bring destruction to your enemy. Also use for working with Santa Muerte for good luck and other tasks. Also available scented. 


 Pomegranate shaped Candle: This candle comes unscented and pomegranate scented! This makes a lovely offering to deities such as Persephone and Hera. Perfect for the Autumn and Winter seasons!

unscented $4.50

scented: $6.50


 Skeleton Family Candle: 8.25" x 5" Choose scented or unscented from the button as well as color. 


 Apple Shaped Candle: This apple shaped candle is  great to burn for your harvest festivities and spells. Can be used for protection or as an offering as well.  Available apple scented as well. 


Autumn Magic Apple Candle: This apple shaped candle is scented with mulled cider and candy apple. It has a cinnamon stick that has been dipped in cinnamon essential oil attached. This is perfect for Mabon and Samhain and can be used for any autumn magick you have up your sleeve. $9.99

Samhain's Veil/ Beyond the Veil Black Apple Candle: This bewitching black apple candle is scented with a bewitching scent to aid in lifting the veil to contact spirits and ancestors at this time of year, especially on Samhain. $9.99 

 Wolf Candle $5.00 Scented $7.00 : Helps to connect to the power of the wolf totem. 


 Devil Head candle:Unscented  $14.95 Scented $17.95


 Alien Head Candle:Eyes can also be painted. 


 Skull Pile Candle:5.25"x4.75" 


 Casket Candle: 6"x2.25".2.5": Great for your Halloween decor and can also be used to hex your enemies. Can be purchased with painted handles, etc.





Orange  Chime Candle

 Witches' Brew Brand:  Amber Moon Votive $2.25 each    

Witches' Brew Brand: Evil Eye Votive $2.25 each  

Witches Brew Brand Votive $2.25 each  

 Witches' Brew Brand Spellcaster 

Witches' brew Brand Eye of Newt Votive 

  Silver Grey Candle With Paper Label with Hekate

She stands at the crossroads to open the paths between the worlds and light the way to the future. Hekate is ageless, believing to have come from Egypt and crossed into the Greek pantheon as the original Triple Goddess.

Originally invoked as “Most Lovely One”, Hekate personifies the Maiden, Mother and Crone. It is helping us through these crossroads of life that has earned her the title of “Queen of the Witches”.

Her traditions continue to this day, as many honor her at places where three roads meet. The moon, crossroads, torches, dogs and horses are sacred to her. $15.95



Soy Jar Candles:

Our all natural soy candles are made with natural ingredients, lead free wicks and are double to triple scented.  Our candle jars are recycled as well. All candles come labeled with a witchy burned parchment label. 


Black Licorice- Comes in black of course, but can be made in any other color, just include a note if you want a different color.


Candy Corn- Striped in the colors of the traditional candy corn! 

Halloween Night: This is a sweet and enchanting scent mingling pumpkin and candy with other Halloween scents together. It comes in orange, but we can make it any color you like, just put a note with your order. It looks just like the Samhain candle below.


 Samhain: This is the same bewitching scent that we offer in our bath salts! It comes striped orange and black, but can be made in any color you wish. 

Spider Webs Soy Jar Candle: This spooky candle  smells of fresh orange and crisp aldehyde lead to a warm blend of woods and musk to create this sensual fragrance. Hints of rose are balanced with patchouli, cedar wood and sandalwood for warmth. A highly textured blend of musk notes is sweetened with hints... It is striped white and black or grey. 


Witches' Brew: This is a bewitching and sexy scent mingling spicy patchouli with other witchy scents. It usually comes in lime green or black, but if you want any other color, just put a note in with your order and we'll make it in that color. 


Here are our other scents for the season: 

Oak Leaves and Acorns, Candy Apple, Caramel Apple, Frosted Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Caramel Pumpkin, Caramel, Red Hot Cinnamon, Autumn Harvest, Drifting Leaves, Witches' Bonfire, Hot Buttered Rum, Hot Cocoa, Devil's Night, Toasted Marshmallow, Fall Leaves, Dragon's Blood, Pomegranate, Macintosh Apple, Apple Cinnamon, Patchouli, Hayride, Vamp Vogue, Werewolf, Bite Me, Sour Drop Candy, Trick and Treats, Witching Hour, Black Magick, Stormy Nights, Acorn Harvest, Autumn Magick, Green Apple Candy, Harvest Moon, Pumpkin Crunch Cake, Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate, Halloween Night, Punkin Head, Mulled Cider

 Choose your scent from the buttons. 

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<tr><td><input type="hidden" name="on0" value="size">size</td></tr><tr><td><select name="os0">
<option value="small 4 oz">small 4 oz $4.00 USD</option>
<option value="medium  10-12 oz">medium  10-12 oz $10.00 USD</option>
<option value="large 16 oz">large 16 oz $12.99 USD</option>
<option value="XL 24 oz">XL 24 oz $16.99 USD</option>
</select> </td></tr>
<tr><td><input type="hidden" name="on1" value="Scent">Scent</td></tr><tr><td><select name="os1">
<option value="oak leaves and acorns">oak leaves and acorns </option>
<option value="candy apple">candy apple </option>
<option value="caramel apple">caramel apple </option>
<option value="frosted pumpkin">frosted pumpkin </option>
<option value="pumpkin">pumpkin </option>
<option value="caramel pumpkin">caramel pumpkin </option>
<option value="caramel">caramel </option>
<option value="red hot cinnamon">red hot cinnamon </option>
<option value="autumn harvest">autumn harvest </option>
<option value="drifting leaves">drifting leaves </option>
</select> </td></tr>
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Halloween Soaps in Jack O lantern Boxes! Limited  Quantity

  Mini Skull Soaps: Shown are Witches' brew scented, spider webs scented and Halloween Night scented. Scents are chosen at random unless you have a preference. Just add a note if you do when you order. All candle scents are also soap scents.  2.00 each 




Pumpkin soap: This soap is in the image of  a pumpkin and is scented with skin safe pumpkin! They are made from glycerine. If you would like a different scent, just add a note with your order. $3.50


Cauldron soap: This soap is in the image of a cauldron and is scented with witches' brew! If you would like a different scent, just add a note with your order. $4.00


 Jack O' Lantern Soap:This soap is scented with Punkin' Head! If you would like a different scent, just add a note with your order. $3.00


Bat Soap: This lovely bat can come in any color you wish. Scented with Black licorice. If you would like a different scent, just add a note with your order. $3.50


 Apple Soap: Scented with Macintosh Apple $4.00


 Pomegranate Soap:Scented with Pomegranate. $3.50






Samhain: Oct 31 - November 1.  Use this oil for the sabbat! Pure anointing oil for external use only  2 dram. $5.95

 Orris Rt. Oil- Herbal infused oil used to summon spirits, for love, protection and divination. $5.95 1/2 oz.


Macha Oil: Used to honor the Goddess Macha and to destroy your enemies. Comes with instructions and black feather. $5.95 2 dram

Anna Riva  Autumn Leaves Oil: Use this oil to calm down after a stressful day. It can be added to the bath water. Also great to use for your Autumn spells! 2 dram $3.95

 Samhain Incense Sticks 20 Pack:

Bath Salts in Jars:

Samhain Bath Salts: These are blended by hand at The Pumpkin and the Cauldron. Samhain Bath Salts are striped orange and black in an old fashioned glass jar with a cork and labeled with our witchy hand made and burned parchment labels. They are strongly scented and dyed with skin safe essential and fragrance oils and powders. The fragrance is amazing including scents of pumpkin, cloves, cinnamon, mulled cider, candy and more. Bewitching Samhain herbs are mixed in paying special attention to herbs that conjure spirits. These are the perfect gift for Samhain and you'll have to have some for yourself!   Depending on how much you use, there may be some dye left on your bath tub which is easily removed with any bathroom cleaner and probably with only soap. They do not dye your skin. The large jar contains 2 lbs. of bath salts and the trial size contains 3.75 ounces. Jar will vary.

2 lb. Jar: $15.99 

3.75 oz. Jar: $3.95 

 Witches' Brew Bath Salts: This is our own blend of Witches' brew including spicy scents like black licorice, patchouli and more! These are blended by hand at the Pumpkin and the Cauldron with skin safe fragrance oils and powder dyes. Depending on how much you use, there may be some coloring left in your bath tub, which wipes off easily with any bathroom cleaner and probably just soap as well. They do not dye your skin. Jar will vary.

 2 lb. Jar: $15.99

small jar $3.95 

Bathory's Blood Bath: This lustful jar bath salts is created with fine essential oils and herbs to rejuvenate the skin and promote youth all while dying your bath water red. Let the scent of Neroli mixed with other bewitching scents intoxicate you and get in touch with your inner vampire. 2 lb. Jar $15.99 (Jars vary, one pictured is just an example) 

3.75 oz. Small Jar $3.95 

 2 lb Jar $14.99

Statuary and Other Gifts:


 Forward Looking Raven Statue: Appearing throughout the myths and legends of many cultures throughout history as well as many more modern stories, the Raven is often held to be sacred. Within Native American lore, the Raven is considered to be a great mystery, a source and guardian of ceremonial magic and healing circles. In Japan and India, Amatrasu and Brahma are said to take the form of the Raven, while in traditional Hebrew culture the Raven is said to represent destruction, and deceit while also being protectors of the Prophets. Throughout Europe, they are also recognized as symbols of wisdom and prophecy.This statue perfectly depicts this sacred bird. Sculpted of cold cast resin, it vividly details every feature of the bird, sitting perched upon a stone, from its dark plumage to the marks upon its beak and claws. The entire statue measures 6 1/2" high and approximately 4 1/2" wide at its widest point, making it well suited for fitting upon your altar or watching over your home. $27.95

Skull with Raven Statue 6.5" $19.95

 Raven 12" Statue $98.95

 Backward Looking Raven 6" Statue $27.95

 Downward Looking Raven 5.5" Statue $27.95

 Voodoo Coffin Amulet: Most commonly used in voodoo, this amulet can be used to craft potent spells and curses. It opens up. 1.25"x.5" $7.95

Coffin Box: Resin. 8.25"x3.5"x2.5" $ 25.95

  Halloween Tarot Deck:Follow the black cat through the Halloween Tarot! The artwork conjures up all that`s fun about Halloween; the Minor Arcana suits are Pumpkins, Imps, Ghosts, and Bats. 2 3/4" by 4 3/4". $21.95

 Halloween Cat Flag20"x24" $29.95


 Samhain Ritual Supplies:

Human Bone Powder: This is a very powerful tool in working with the dead, especially at Samhain. It is 100% real Powdered Human Bone. All legally obtained and legal to own, buy and sell. Comes in a bag or corked jar. Choose from the button 


 Human Carpal Bone $25.00  CHECK AVAILABILITY  

Human Tooth $20.00


Human Half Pelvis $150.00

Human Vertebrae $45.00 CHECK AVAILABILITY

Human Half Pelvis Necromancy Tool: This powerful tool was created with a real human half pelvis and enscribed with a necromantic seal of symbols. It is adorned with a raven feather and a red lead crystal ball rests in the hip ball joint. It acts as an all seeing eye. The piece is sealed for protection and was blessed during creation. $350.00

Baneful Samhain Herbs: Choose from button. 

Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade; Atropa) 1/2 oz. $4.50

Black Nightshade 1/2 oz  $7.50

Cypress 1/2 oz $2.75

Datura Stramonium 1/2  $7.00

Henbane Powder 1/2 oz $9.00 

Mandrake (European; Mandragora Oficcinarum) 1/2 oz. $40.00

Poison Hemlock 1/2 oz $4.00

Wolfsbane/ Aconite 1/2 oz. $5.00 

Wormwood  2 oz. $3.95

 Yew 1/2 oz $2.50

 Graveyard Dirt: We have many types of Graveyard Dirt to choose from. Our dirt is ritually taken from cemeteries, not a mix of herbs. Comes in a bag or a jar. Choose yours from the buttons. The bottles in the picture are only a few of what we have. We are offering general graveyard dirt taken from graves that have power, Infant Graveyard dirt which is used to cast a blind eye on someone to something you are doing or to ensure someone becomes totally dependant on you or when you need to appear indispensable, New Or'lean's Graveyard Dirt which contains bone powder and/or fragments which add alot of power,  Child Graveyard Dirt which is used to appear innocent and in helping with new friendships or to acquire necessities in life, Soldier's Graveyard Dirt which is used for nearly anything because they are known to be brave, strong and quick thinking. XXX Graveyard dirt is an extremely powerful one to cause an early death for your enemy and The Witch King Shawn Poirer's Graveyard Dirt. Shawn was a powerful necromancer that I greatly admired. I am proud to offer his dirt to aid in your workings.  Witch's Graveyard dirt is extremely powerful and will add great aid to any of your workings.



Vampire Blood Incense Sticks:Vampire blood is harvested through an advanced process in which vampires are slowly bled. (allegedly  tehe) The unearthly qualities of the blood are isolated and extracted into a premium incense. Some vampires were harmed during this process but none met the the true death. This is a rare premium extract of vampire blood that is sure to heighten the senses and create inner sensations of nirvana. $2.95

   Halloween Decorations!

 Witch Dolls: These little witches can be used as kitchen witches, Halloween tree toppers (they have cones under their dresses) or just as cute decorations. If there is one in the picture that you like in particular send a note with your order otherwise we choose at random. $5.00 each. 


 Ghost on Jack O' Lantern Figure: resin 4 inches tall $3.00


 Hissing Black Cat on Jack O' Lantern Figure: resin 4 inches tall $3.00

 Resin Ghost Sign:  $1.00

  Metal Jack O' Lantern Welcome Sign $1.00

 Metal Haunted House Sign with Hanging bats and Jack o' Lantern This one also comes a little different with two JOLS and one bat. $1.00

 Metal Spooktacular Jack O' Lantern Sign $1.00

 Metal Skull Welcome Sign $1.00

 Metal Witch Welcome Sign $1.00

 Wooden Happy Halloween Sign $1.00

Wooden Admission one skull sign $1.00


 Open  At Midnight Wooden Sign $1.00

 Haunted House OPEN Wooden Sign $1.00

 Haunted Hotel Wooden Sign $1.00

 Beware of Vampires Wooden Sign $1.00

 Eat, Drink and Be Scary Sign $1.00

 Come In For A Bite! Wooden Sign $1.00

  Boo Wooden Sign $1.00

 Trick Or Treat Wooden Sign $1.00

 CAUTION: Enter If You Dare Sign $1.00

 Ghoulish Greetings Sign $1.00




More coming soon!!